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Uncanny X-Men #276 page 16 original art 
I have the original artwork from Uncanny X-Men #276, page 16, and looking to sell it. I have thought about eBay or a few auction sites but unsure of where …

Kirby, Adams, Perez, ecc. 
Jack Kirby Fantastic Four 76 inner page Neal Adamas Avengers (with Antman) inner page (I don't know the issue) George Perez Infinity Gauntlet 2 (opening …

Amazing Spider-Man #298, Page 29 - Todd Mcfarlane Pencils 
This is page 29 of Amazing Spider-Man Volume 1, Issue 298. This is Mcfarlane's first work on Amazing Spider-Man and prominently features both Peter Parker …

John Byrne Original Art, Legends issue #6 page 14 
An original piece of John Byrne art. "Legends" issue #6, page 14 (fourteen) featuring Boomerang and Batman. Comic published in 1987. Mounted and framed. …

Captain America #350 Splash Page 
Captain America #350 Splash Page I have an original art splash page from Captain America #350 signed by John Buscema. I also have the production …

2004 Wolverine Drawing  
2004 wolverine drawing - original signed marvel artist (unknown), A3 size on tablet paper Thanks for sending in the photo of your drawing. Unfortunately …

Evan Dorkin Art - Convention Art from 1990 and 1991 
Evan Dorkin Art - Convention art from 1990 and 1991 I have two pieces of Evan Dorkin’s convention art based on perhaps his most notable work …

marvel Not rated yet
sorry I am not sure the names but he are a few of he ones I have Please get in touch via email so we can see larger photos and a full list of what …

Popeye Original Comic Strip Not rated yet
I have an original Popeye daily comic strip by Bud Sagendorf dated 1974. Distibuted by King Features Syndicate. Editor's reply: Thanks for sharing. …

Mickey Mouse Original Comic Strip Not rated yet
I have an original Mickey Mouse daily comic strip from 1965 by Floyde Gottfredson dated 1965. Distributed from King Features Syndicate. Purchased from …

Alpha Flight Original Art by Jim Lee Not rated yet
Alpha Flight Original Art by Jim Lee I have original interior pages from Alpha Flight Issue 53 signed by Jim Lee. Editor's reply: Thank

Commission George Perez Not rated yet
Commission piece penciled and inked by George Perez. The Spectre vs Eclipso Editor's reply: Thanks for sending your George Perez artwork in for

Azrael v2 Original Art Not rated yet
Azrael second series double page by Ramon F. Bachs, Signed by the inker, Jon Stansci. Mint. Pet free smoke free home. Editor's reply: Thanks for

The Crow Portfolio Prints Signed Not rated yet
The Crow Portfolio Prints Signed 1) ABSOLUTION is signed JO'BARR 167/2000 1990 FEAR 2) Despair 3) Irony 4) Fear 5) Pain 6) Death Editor's

Walking Dead #138 Cover Art Not rated yet
Walking Dead #138 Cover Art Editor's reply: Thanks for sending in photos of your artwork. Clearly, Walking Dead is a popular series. However,

X-Men mythos 1 page 1  Not rated yet
I have an oil painting on Masonite from artist Paolo Rivera. It feature an impressive version of magneto deconstructing a pickup truck into a vortex to …

Original comic Art for Sale Not rated yet
Original comic Art for Sale Signed George Perez avengers page Olivier Coipel avengers page nick bradshaw wolverine and the x-men page ed mcguiness …

15 Marvel Original Art Pages Not rated yet
MARVEL/Friends & Enemies Issue #2 story page #8 Line up page #13 signed by Mick Gray VALIANT/Killer Instinct:TigerFury Issue Special#1 Page #16 bArtist …

Cage Interior Page Original Artwork Not rated yet
Hey there, I have two pieces that I would like to sell: 1. X-O manowar #0 cover artwork, signed print with certificate of authenticity - from 1993 …

Jim Lee Original Batman Sketch from 2018 MegaCon Orlando Not rated yet
Hi, I have was the recipient of a Batman sketch from the 2018 Megacon in Orlando. He gave it away during the Q&A to anyone with a taco bell receipt. …

Action Comics #569 Page by Irv Novick Not rated yet
Action Comics #569 Page by Irv Novick Page 8 of Action Comics #569, inked and lettered. Art by Irv Novick. It features Superman in battle …

Marvel Comics Production Art Not rated yet
Marvel Comics Production Art A variety of b/w and color acetate sheets showing interior pages and covers from Marvel Comics These are very …

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If you have comic books you'd like to sell or have appraised, then please visit our sister website, Sell My Comic Books.