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Frank Frazetta art price guide

When an artist most famous for painting comic book covers has a piece which breaks the $5m barrier, you know their work is something special. Finding an original Frazetta piece is a potential goldmine.

Facts About Original Frank Frazetta Comic Art

Record Sale for Artwork:
Egyptian Queen sold for $5,400,000

Official Website:

Key Comic Book Issues (click to view current market values):

  • Tally-Ho Comics (1944)
  • Western Fighter #11 (1949)
  • Famous Funnies #214 (1954)
  • Vampirella #1 (1969)
Frank Frazetta

How Much is Frank Frazetta Art Worth?

A lot! Frazetta has broken free of cult status and is now legendary in the world of comic book art. Not too many artists have had original art in the seven figures bracket (at least not yet).

Even the comic books he worked on can be very valuable.

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Frank Frazetta Art Prices

RECORD SALE! Egyptian Queen Frank Frazetta art sold for $5,400,000

After the Fox sold for $33,460

A Princess of Mars sold for $1,200,000

At the Earth's Core sold for $1,075,000

Barbarian Drawing sold for $4,780

Creepy 17 Cover Art sold for $264,000

Crime Suspense Stories #17 Page 2 sold for $9,560

Death Dealer IV sold for $21,600

Devil Rider sold for $41,825

Dracula sold for $11,950

Durango Kid #2 Page 6 sold for $10,200

Famous Funnies #213 sold for $100,625

Fire and Ice sold for $78,000

Jungle Girl Frank Frazetta art sold for $4,560

Marie Windsor and Film Noir Montage sold for $7,200

Native America sold for $7,800

Nude with Alligator Frank Frazetta art sold for $5,975

Outlaw World sold for $408,000

Shock Illustrated 4 sold for $22,800

Tarzan and Jane sold for $66,000

Tarzan and the Lost Empire sold for $4,600

Tarzan at the Earth's Core Frank Frazetta art sold for $4,600

The Efficiency Expert sold for $19,120

Thuvia Maid of Mars Frank Frazetta art sold for $21,510

Tim Holt 17 sold for $71,100

History of Frank Frazetta in Comic Book Art

Frank Frazetta began working In the comic book industry in 1944 after taking a job in Bernard Baily’s studio, aiding with pencil clean-ups. From there he acquired a spot helping ink the comic Snowman, an eight-page story within a one-shot comic entitled Tally-Ho, published by Swappers Quarterly and Almanac/Baily Publishing Company.

Frazetta would receive his first credited work in 1946 after he penciled and inked two pieces in Treasure Comics #7 for Prize Comics. The first, titled Know Your America was his first solo work and the second piece, a single page called Ahoy! Enemy Ship! featured his first original character known as Capt. Kidd Jr.

In 1947, Frazetta left to take a job with Standard Comics. Some of the themes in Frazetta’s work were the benefits of prayer and demonizing the use of drugs told through stories of war and romance. He also frequently did celebrity stories such as a biography of Bert Lancaster.

In the 1960’s Franzetta branched out into promotional posters for movies like What’s New Pussycat as well as paperback covers. He reimagined a new visual depiction of the Conan the Barbarian character which popularized a whole new aesthetic for artists amongst the Sword and Sorcery genre.

Frazetta’s medium of choice was oil paints however he would use watercolours, pencil and ink as well. He was a prominent contributor of cover art for horror and war stories by Warren Publishing, creating for series such as Creepy, Vampirella, Blazing Combat and Eerie.

In 1995, Frazetta was inducted into the Will Eisner Comic Book Hall of Fame and then into The Society of Illustrators Hall of Fame in 1998. He was also inducted in the Jack Kirby Hall of Fame in 1999 and awarded the Life Achievement Award from the World Fantasy Conversion in 2001.

Following his death in 2010, he was inducted into the Science Fiction Hall of Fame in 2014 and  finally the Album Cover Hall of Fame in 2016.

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